Horoscope 2021

Horoscope for May 2021

May 2021 marks a period of change and cosmic turnarounds. With the retrogrades and eclipses round the corner this month, the Taurean vibration plays out with majority of planets posited there. Ready to embrace this energy?

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The Art Of Liking People

I was going to call this talk, “the art of relationships”, but we all have relationships, what makes them great depends on how we relate to each other.

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Planetary Events

planetory events-dec

Pluto Retrograde

On the heels of the Scorpio Full Moon, are two key events – Pluto goes Retrograde in Capricorn, while Uranus conjuncts Sub a couple of days later.

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Green Jade – Can Arouse And Preserve Love

Born On New Moon And Saturn In Taurus Is Bad?

Masters At Concentration and Adherence

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