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    Questions related to Astrology

    Does the astrology chart reveal my fate? Do I have any choices about what happens to me?

    Life is all about choices. The choices we make determine our fate. Learn the art of directing your fate in the direction you desire.

    Is time of birth really important?

    No, the date and place of birth should be accurate.

    From what age the chart should be made?

    The chart can be made after age 1 onwards, which helps you to know your child, how to deal with him/ her, so that he/ she develops good habits. From age 5 onwards, the chart helps the parents to realize the child’s talents and potentials thereby helping him/her to develop them.

    What can astrology do for me?

    Astrology helps you choose a career path suited to your talents and potentials, it also indicates your approach to love and relationships there by helping you to improve them both personally and professionally. Following astrology and your birth chart opens your eyes to a new way of thinking and an outlook that could quite possibly show you what you can do with your life in order to improve it.

    Is the Sun sign (Zodiac) important or Moon sign (Rashi)?

    You could choose any to your liking, as while making the chart both are included. The Sun sign gives you insight as to how the world perceives you. It is your outer manifestation whereas the Moon sign shows you the picture of your inner self of how you perceive the world and yourself. The combination of both makes your persona in totality.

    Does the astrology chart reveal my fate? Do I have any choices about what happens to me?

    Life is all about choices. The choices we make determine our fate. Learn the art of directing your fate in the direction you desire.

    Can my life be really improved and are the solutions permanent and guaranteed?

    If you follow the practical advices given and help me to help yourself change your attitude, the end result is 100% guaranteed of success.

    Is my life ruled by planets?

    The planets send electromagnetic rays on the earth by which the elements in our body get affected thus balancing or misbalancing them we all are aware of the planet Moon affecting the water elements on the earth itself similarly the water element in our body also gets affected giving way to mood swings, anger, frustration, depression, euphoria, including our energy levels. Knowing about the planets that affect us helps us in controlling our life and giving shape to our destiny.

    Do gemstones really help?

    Yes, they help in balancing the elements i.e. Water, Air, Earth & Fire in fire in our body. It is important to wear only energized gems and not regular stones.

    What are energized gems?

    Energized gems is a purification process through the Japanese art of Joire. For e.g. .Water is purified through a water purifier similarly art of Joire purifies the stones

    Questions related to Consultation

    During consultation who asks the questions?

    The clients (you) ask the questions and I answer them.

    What are the questions related to?

    The questions are related to your personal and professional life, i.e. love life, relationships with your kith and kin, career, business and profession, dreams that you aspire and desire.

    Do I require repeat consultations?

    Its your choice if you want a repeat consultation.

    How much time does the consultation last?

    I give 40- 60 minutes to every individual.

    Are solutions given to all my problems?

    Yes, practical solutions are given to solve all your problems.

    Are the problems solved 100%?

    Yes, they are, it depends on your attitude which is your altitude.

    Will the consultation suffice for the life time?

    Yes that is the endeavor and motive.

    Will I have to pay for a repeat consultation?

    Yes every consultation is taken as a new consultation so you have to pay each time you seek an appointment.

    I have had a previous bad experience with an astrologer. Are they all like that?

    Fortunately no. Take any field of life there are some rotten apples. Most professional astrologers who have the purity of intent intact will sincerely want to help. Among the many useful tools for self-understanding and personal growth, astrology is a power tool. It’s easy to be taken advantage off when you are not sure of what to expect from someone whose services you’re buying. People tend to fall into two categories the superstitious who are gullible and the skeptics who refuse to believe in the face of proof. In their extreme thoughts both the categories hold pre conceived notions of astrologers. Unfortunately such pre conceived notions increase the likelihood of bad experience by creating exactly what the person is trying to avoid.

    Questions related to Dolly Manghat

    What segment of people consult you?

    Industrialists, Educationists, Professionals, Politicians, Celebrities, Businessmen to Housewives.

    What to expect from a proficient astrologer?

    What you expect from a good psychologist, psychiatrist, medical doctor or a reputable consultant such as a lawyer, accountant etc.
    Maintain confidentiality about your charts and personal details discussed in personal reading. Display tolerance for differences in values, philosophy or religion. Be knowledgeable and educated in declared branch of astrology. Make clear fee agreements before rendering services. Deliver astrological information to you in a way that leaves you at a choice in life than fear.

    Why should I choose you as my astrologer?

    You should choose me because off.
    It is my thorough knowledge through education of psychology and occult sciences. My experience of over three decades. My ability to communicate in a clear and simple language without confusing you in planets and spiritual mumbo-jumbo. My credibility through word of mouth and not in numbers or name dropping. My 111% commitment as a professional to my subject of astrology and human development, with established offices all over the world. The last but not the least, the capability of instilling confidence in each and every individual so that he starts creating his or her own prophecies rather than live in predictions.

    What is your USP?

    My USP is delivering astrological information to you in a way that leaves you feeling at a choice in your life rather than in fear. I help people create their own prophecies rather than live predictions.

    Will the consultation be confidential?

    Maintaining confidentiality about your chart and personal and professionals details discussed during readings is a part of my work ethic from the past 31 years, I have not taken a advantage by quoting any names, facts or figures. [Check out my advertisements, my works, profile, website there are no names.

    Questions related to Fees

    Why are astrologers so expensive?

    Doctors expenses involve physical examination. Astrologers involve mental examination.

    Do I pay again for a repeat consultation?

    Yes. It’s like going to the doctor, every time you go you pay your fees.

    Are family concessions given?

    No, every individual will be taken as an individual consultation.

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