Horoscope 2021

Horoscope for August 2021

It’s the season of Leo which makes it a commanding and a demanding season. Especially when Saturn is in opposition the time period becomes very challenging. Nevertheless the month ahead is very exciting.

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Relationships – The Art Of Liking People

I was going to call this talk, “the art of relationships”, but we all have relationships, what makes them great depends on how we relate to each other.

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School Of Astrology

planetory events-dec

Look At Vedic Or Western Charts?

Students discuss their queries/questions/doubts with Dolly Manghat after every session. Take a look at one such session.

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White Zircon – Works Miracles To Alleviate & Heal Pain

Saturn in 5th House With Leo Moon. Worried About Pitru Dosha

Master Advocates

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