Horoscope 2021

Horoscope for Apr 2021

We start the new zodiac season in Apr 2021, after ending a highly energetic, yet extraordinarily complex and impactful year. It is a happy and prosperous month ahead.

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Young Adults Vs Parents

The age-old problem where parents say that their children are unapproachable/ungrateful/rude and the youngsters say that the parents are over-demanding/restrictive and don’t understand.

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planetory events-dec

Blending Vedic & Western Astrology

The Blending Vedic & Western Astrology seminar of 28th Mar 2021 was a grand success & lot of calls/emails followed asking me to share the podcast or video on the subject.

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Coral – Rebellious Energy Of Uranus

Why Are Aries Rude?

Function Best When Act On Impulse

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