Pitru Paksh Demystified For You

According to Vedic or Indian beliefs, there is 15 day period known as Pitru (Forefathers) Paksh (Fortnight) or Shraddh (Rituals For The Departed). It is believed that souls of these fathers come down on earth during this period & we need to perform pujas & donate food to appease them.

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NO is a Decision, YES is Responsibility –
Be Careful When Committing

Dolly Manghat confronts the YES/No dilemma in relationships, communication & everything where decision making is concerned.
When you say NO, you say no to only one option.
When you say YES, you say yes to all other options…

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Planetary Events

planetory events-dec

Mars Retrograde –
Stay Calm And Patient

As Mars begins its two months retrograde in Aries, it is a period of hibernation for the fiery, aggressive, and action-oriented planet. This might lead to an energy drain or feelings of being restless, irritable, and angry overall.

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Ruby – Mother Of All Gemstones

If Child Is Born During Pitru Paksh, How Will It Be Affected?

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