Vipareet Veedha – Politics Of Cosmos – Jupiter v Saturn, Rahu, Uranus, Neptune.

This is a cosmic political chess game. Saturn, Rahu, Uranus and Neptune aspects in consideration with Jupiter make it an interesting and intriguing period.

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The Power Of Decision Making

In her Win-O-Win series, Dolly Manghat elucidates why decision making is critical in life? Right or Wrong comes later. Stop procrastination and fear about taking decisions. Become strong by being responsible for your decisions and actions.

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Planetary Events

Saturn Direct Countdown Begins – 18th Sep 2019 – Extremely Important Period

After a tumultuous 4 months retrograde period Saturn starts it forward motion again. In this video, Dolly Manghat elucidates how Saturn is the strict teacher who may sound harsh but…

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Ruby – Mother Of All Gemstones

How Should I Interpret A Saturn Retrograde?

Unparalleled Attention To Detail

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