The Rahu-Ketu Enigma

As we prepare to brace another powerful transit – Rahu Ketu in Taurus & Scorpio respectively, understanding what these nodes really mean? is extremely important. There have been a lot of beliefs, myths, voodoos & mystery associated with them over generations leading us to feel scared, depressed or subdued.

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Teaching Resilience To Your Children

I feel pride in youth of today, they are so boldly & bravely tackling the problems that were accepted by our generation – patriarchy, homophobia, social/racial intolerance, corruption, among others.

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Planetary Events

planetory events-dec

Saturn Direct – Ready For Order And Structure?

After its 4 month hiatus, Saturn begins to roll direct bringing keywords like order, structure, discipline, system into focus. Saturn will now start to put things in order once again.

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Rhodonite – Helps Keep Calm In Tense Situations

Saturn Has Beaten Me To Pulp. Am Devastated.

In Pursuit Of Harmony And Balance

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