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Recap Of Retrogrades In April 2019 – The Real Meaning Of These Cosmic Movements

April has been a month of Retrogrades starting with Jupiter, then Pluto and then Saturn … all impacting you with their their energies to the fullest. While Jupiter gives you “true worth” reality checks, Pluto “destroys” you belief systems and Saturn “realigns” you on the right Karmic path.

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Goldilocks Rule – We Experience Peak Motivation On Edge Of Our Current Abilities

The Dolly Manghat Looking Beyond Program is devised to help professionals and individuals charter their life beyond their routine or ability.

The idea is to transcend the obvious. Hence the tag line – Doing a Job Or Working On A Mission?

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Planetary Events

Saturn Goes Retrograde On 29th Apr 2019: Made Required Corrections? Karmic Debts Need Cleared.

All set? Saturn’s Retrograde brings about inward revolution and resolution.

Saturn brings discipline, determination and dedication in the right direction in this lifetime.

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