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Saturn Ketu Conjunction From 7th Mar 2019 – Do What You Love OR Love What You Do?

The feared Saturn-Ketu conjunction happens when Ketu transits into Sagittarius on 7th Mar 2019. Traditionally the conjunction indicates natural disasters and global catastrophes but these will also bring in opportunities for people who are ready and prepared.

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Believe In Yourself Or Be Yourself?

Should you try to be someone else for natural qualities you don’t possess? Or be strong at what you are and achieve success?

The way you perceive yourself has a big impact on quality of your life. Negative perceptions about yourself are self-fulfilling.

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Planetary Events

Mercury Retrograde: 5th Mar 2018 – Mind Your Communications Please…

Mercury goes retrograde for the first time in 2019. With Mercury its all about communication. How well you speak, how well you convey, how well you write and understand the other person’s point of view, etc.

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