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Vedic Astrology – What Is Mangal Dosha? And How To Remedy It?

Mangal Dosha (Mars Affliction) needs be established/verified from your Natal Chart.
Important vedic terms to note as part of Mangal Dosha
Kaal Sarp Yog
Rahu – Ketu

Dolly Manghat explains how Mangal Dosha affects your character, personality and hence your personal and professional life.

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Looking Beyond…

The Art Of Liking People

TUbuntu – I am because you are

I was going to call this talk, “the art of relationships”, but we all have relationships, what makes them great depends on how we relate to each other. This is a tricky topic, and a most important one, as relationships give form to how our lives shape up – the good and the ugly bits!

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Planetary Events

Neptune Retrograde

Neptune is often referred to as the higher octave cousin of Venus thus our values for love, beauty, passion become more universal through it. On the flipside it shows delusional traits – hypnotic trance.

During retrograde, people tend to focus on their dreams, intuition and sixth sense.

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