Contemporary Astrology – What You Need To Know?

Contemporary Astrology Made Easy By Dolly Manghat.

For too long, we have lived predictions & a fated life. We have never used this wonderful applied science to understand ourselves – our energies, strengths, weaknesses & talents.

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Does The Attitude of Gratitude Attract Abundance?

Being Happy is Gratitude, Ignoring Silly Issues is Gratitude, Finding Happiness in small successes is gratitude. Why don’t we develop this attitude of taking pride in small things & leaving the dirty/negative aside?

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Planetary Events

planetory events-dec

Lunar Eclipse Jul 2020 – Culmination of The TRANSFORMATION TRIAD of Eclipses

3 Eclipses in a month has been phenomenal… coupled with a flurry of other cosmic events (retrogrades, directs, conjunctions), this has been one period that has transformed human history forever.

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Self Energized And Charged

Do Rahu-Ketu Make You A Prisoner Of Your Mind & Habits

Homely & Mothering Natured

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