6 Planet Big Bang To Kick Off 2020…

A very interesting cosmic activity lining up in the skies this 26th Dec 2019. As many as 6 planets conjunct in Sagittarius on this day – which is also the big day of the annular solar eclipse. Sun, Moon, Ketu, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury all line up in the heated Sagittarius.

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Self Awareness 2020

Astrology is the psychology of the universe. It is not a predictive tool as widely believed but on the contrary, it is a brilliant self-awareness tool to understand your strengths and weaknesses, capacities and shortfalls, capabilities and limitations to carve your path of health, wealth and happiness.

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Planetary Events

planetory events-dec

Total Lunar Eclipse of 10th Jan 2020

The new years starts with a penumbral full moon total solar eclipse on 10th Jan 2020. This is very significant on the back of the annular solar eclipse of 26th Dec 2019. They will come up for review in this period making you nostalgic, emotional and introspective.

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Garnet – For The Earth Energy

I Was Born During Eclipse. Is That Inauspicious?

Disciplined And Conservative

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