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Demystifying Retrogrades, Eclipses And Transits: Planetary Energies, Fate And Freewill

Dolly Manghat fascinates us with her completely different outlook about various planetary phenomenon including Eclipses, Retrogrades, Transits, Directs, etc and how planetary energies impact our psyche and attitude.

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Relationships – The Art Of Liking People

I was going to call this talk, “the art of relationships”, but we all have relationships, what makes them great depends on how we relate to each other.

This is a tricky topic, and a most important one, as relationships give form to how our lives shape up

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Planetary Events

Uranus Direct 2019 – It Surprises, Jolts, Stimulates and Liberates You

With Uranus going direct on Jan 7th, 2019 … all planets are in direct motion until Mar 2019. This is a good period to initiate things and activate projects.

You can expect a shake up off your routines and day to day life because it will not allow you to get into the rut.

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