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Generic Predictions vs Individual Horoscope

Dolly Manghat explains difference between general prediction videos seen on YouTube and individual horoscope consultations.
After watching monthly horoscope videos, people tend to ask that none of what was predicted worked for them? or how things didn’t go the way as suggested?This is where the individual’s horoscope is important to understand his/her planetary position and how it could impact his psyche in a period that prevents/affects him achieving dreams and ambitions.

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Believe In Yourself Or Be Yourself?

Should you try to be someone else for natural qualities you don’t possess? Or be strong at what you are and achieve success?

The way you perceive yourself has a big impact on quality of your life. Negative perceptions about yourself are self-fulfilling. If you feel you are useless, you will become useless. Positive perceptions are not self fulfilling though. If you feel great about yourself, you may or may not be great. Wishful thinking does not help.

The Solution?
A Realistic Perception Of Your Own Self…

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Planetary Events

Solar and Lunar Eclipses Demystified – Closures And Beginnings

With back to back eclipses this month, I can see people shaken up from outside and within in form of my customers coming for consultation. Everyone seems to be unclear, uncertain and unstable.

In this video, I try to demystify eclipses and explain how these cosmic events are so important for us to clean, clear, detox and start afresh!

Listen to Lord Ganesha story from my perspective to understand these transformations.

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