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Debilitation Exaltation Of Planets – Demystified

In responding to a viewer’s message, Dolly Manghat explains the whole aspect of debilitation and exaltation of planets according to Vedic astrology and the associated myths. misnomers and rituals.

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Doubts, Fears And Reaching Out.. Art of Relationships

If only words were easy to believe, we’d be more open to receive,Emotions that float so free, without doubting some hidden deals.

Trust in self is the hardest one, not always easy to build on,Precarious is this only weapon, for battles worthy to be won.

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Planetary Events

Preview Of Rahu-Ketu Transit In 2019 – Impact on House Energies On The Mind

Rahu and Ketu will transit houses in 2019 for 18 months. As we all know they have tremendous impact on our psyche and over mental health,

so this transit plays an important role to understand how you would be impacted?

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