Preview 2020 And Overcoming Fears.

2020 is going to be a powerful energy year and getting ready for that would be very prudent. We end 2019 with the annual solar eclipse, another transformational event set to change your perspective and transform your surroundings.

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Dolly Manghat Looking Beyond: Lets Understand The Two Stages Of Successful Parenting

Dolly Manghat explains to parents on how to bring up their children so they can be independent, strong and accountable for their own being. Most importantly, this video highlights where to link and where to unlink from your children

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Planetary Events

planetory events-dec

Neptune Goes Direct On 27th Nov 2019 – Turning Your Dreams Into Reality, Pioneer Ideas!

Neptune is about ideas, non-orthodox thoughts and transformational thinking. With this Neptune direct motion, you can turn some of your ideas into reality. It can be a brilliant time to explore and pioneer things you always dreamt of – your way.

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Amethyst – Protection Against Black Magic And Evil

Rough Rahu-Saturn Dasha Period. Does Ketu In 11th Balance It?

Travel To Broaden Your Mind

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