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What Is Rahu Kaal? And Does It Really Affect Your Works Daily?

A daily period of 1.5 hours is considered as Rahu Kaal, when things should not be initiated or acted upon.

According to ancient vedic astrology, the Rahu (serpent’s head) is a malefic planet that affects the sun and moon. Given its nature, it obstructs or negates positive effects of other planets, especially the sun and the moon.

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Looking Beyond…

Young Adults Vs Parents – How To Bridge This Generation Gap?

The age-old problem where parents say that their children are unapproachable/ungrateful/rude and the youngsters say that the parents are over-demanding/restrictive and don’t understand. Obviously, this is a problem that troubles both sides and needs fixing.

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Planetary Events

Uranus Goes Retrograde 7th Aug 2018: The Wildcard – Unexpected, Unpredictable And Out Of The Box

If you are shy, you will be suddenly exposed to public gaze while if you are extrovert, you may feel going into a shell. That’s Uranus energy for you.Your behavior and persona shows up as opposite to your perceived character for people.

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