#UnLockingTheStars – Setting The Foundations

In this new series – Dolly Manghat creates a personal connect with her YouTube viewers and subscribers as they plan for the coming months in wake of the unprecedented situation globally. Greater outcomes demand greater foundations …

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Self Improvement: 13 Principles For Success – Part 2

Happy 2020 – As a new decade sets in, becoming aware and planning for the next 10 years gains paramount importance.

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Planetary Events

planetory events-dec

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: Power Struggles To Modify or Transform Circumstances

After Neptune Conjuncts Mercury a day before, Jupiter and Pluto conjunct each other in its first decant (first of the three of the year).

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Rebellious Energy Of Uranus

How To Interpret Jupiter Retrograde in Libra Lagna/Ascendant – Good/Bad?

Function Best When Act On Impulse

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