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Saturn Ketu Jupiter Conjunction – 10th Apr 2019: A Cosmic Triple Whammy

As if the Saturn And Ketu Conjunction in Mar 2019 wan’t enough, Jupiter joins them to create a even more interesting prospect. The Ju-Ke-Sa conjunction makes up for a dynamic situation with all three planets adding their flavors to the combination.

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The Roots And Wings Debate – Who Is Right?

The other day, I was having a conversation with some of my family on the topic of raising children.

Straightaway, people took their sides – some, firmly in the camp of providing a firm, stable and secure support to their offspring.

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Planetary Events

Jupiter Retrograde On 10th Apr 2019 : Check On Lucky Breaks..

As Jupiter goes Retrograde and joins Saturn and Ketu, it marks an interesting period of self-analysis..

Am I worth it? Do I deserve it? In this video, Dolly Manghat unravels the beauty of the Jupiter…

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