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Pitru Dosha: Afflictions Due To Bad Karma Of Forefathers

Though their deeds may not be really bad, family members face problems due to cosmic debt of their actions. We often find that in spite of our best efforts,we do not succeed in our efforts. We do our best and still are perplexed to find that there are unavoidable obstacles at the time of accomplishment of our work and as a result we are unable to reach our goal, in the last moment.

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Looking Beyond…

Is Anger A Negative Expression All The Time?

All of us struggle with anger, most have learnt to control it and some even to let it not bother them. These days, it’s commonly regarded as growing up, when we can remain calm in every situation.

We can control the emotion, but it never really goes away.

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Planetary Events

Saturn Retrograde : What Happens Now?

After a 142 day retrograde period that shook everyone around the globe in combination with eclipses, retrogrades, transits, etc, the big boss SATURN turns direct on 6th Sep 2018. What to expect now? is the million dollar question on everyone’s mind.

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