Redefine Your Bottomline ….

  • Traditional business leadership is about business goals, targets and bottomline success.
  • As the top leader, we all focus here at the cost of our own individuality, personal aspirations and happiness.
  • We become chase master robots as opposed to human leaders.

How can this be changed?

  • How can I achieve business success and yet pursue my personal dreams?
  • How can I develop compassion and passion together in such stressful environments?

If these questions haggle you all the time, then you are invited
Dolly Manghat’s “ Redefine Your Bottomline ” Session

This program will help you carve your path to personal freedom…

  • Understand the difference between visions and goals for yourself
  • Meeting your targets through a personal understanding of your own real strengths and weaknesses through latest concept of Numerology and Counselling.
  • This in turn will help you realize that there is a common thread binding your personal and professional goals. Find that out for yourself.
  • Discover your missing link that can actually lead you to a living life of passion with freedom…

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