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Know The 27 Nakshatras – Insights Into Your Psyche and Attitude

According to the Vedic Astrology, there are 27 Nakshatras or birth stars that are used to guide calculations and insights into a person’s attitude and psyche. They form fundamental basis for birth chart calculations.

Dolly Manghat beautifully explains all 27 Nakshatras through the mythological story surrounding these stars, in her own demystifying philosophy.

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Looking Beyond…

Teach Resilience To Your Children – Thats The Single Biggest Asset In Todays World

I feel pride in the youth of today, they are so boldly and bravely tackling the problems that were accepted by our generation – patriarchy, homophobia, social/racial intolerance, corruption, among others.

That’s the beauty of human beings, we are naturally inclined to solve problems.

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Planetary Events

What You SEE, May Not BE…

Venus undergoes its six week retrograde from 6th Oct 2018 to 16th Nov 2018. This is a period of caution in identifying pleasure from needs. Its a caution to double-check on things and relationships.
You may like something or someone t may not turn out to be that way leading to disappointments.

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