20 New Moons Discovered Around Saturn – How Does It Matter To Astrology?

20 New Moons have been discovered recently making the count of total moons revolving around Saturn; 82, three more than Jupiter’s 79.

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Teach Resilience To Your Children – Most Important Attribute

I feel pride in the youth of today, they are so boldly and bravely tackling the problems that were accepted by our generation – patriarchy, homophobia, social/racial intolerance, corruption, among others.

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Planetary Events

Jupiter Transit To Sagittarius – Work on Your Well Being

With Jupiter making its much-anticipated move from Scorpio to Sagittarius in Nov 2019, a lot is being said about its position in Scorpio and the muddled thinking thats impacting us OR once it reaches out in its own sign.

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Blue Sapphire – Protective Powers Of Saturn

Mars in 7th Aspects Saturn Moon Conjunction. Should I Worry?

Use Power To Get To Heart Of Matter

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