There is a high percentage of my viewers, subscribers and customers that want to know how the maturity of planets at various ages of our life and their impact on us. This got me thinking and would love to inform you that am coming up with a 5 part video series on this subject in May 2019.

Explanation of maturity of planets and houses are gold nuggets from Vedic astrology to the world. The profound explanation mapping energies of planets at various stages of an individual’s life can help us analyze and realize our true potentials, tackle situations, manage relationships, manifest desires and – as I say – build a life of health, wealth and happiness, overall.

The maturity of planets will be followed by maturity of the natal houses in your natal chart and how they add their flavour in your life. We will conclude the series with a Western astrology system devised by Ptolemy that brilliants divides an individual’s life path in various segments of years dominated by a particular planet’s energies and impacts.

Am sure you will love this series and will have a lot of questions to ask about them. Please feel free to comment directly via YouTube or by emailing me to

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