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How Do Planets In Transit Charts Affect Us?

While natal charts explore characteristics and qualities of an individual, transit charts explain effects of moving stars from time to time. So, you will see transit charts will keep changing and hence its important to keep reviewing these charts to understand planet effects on individuals.

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Looking Beyond…

What Is My Mission In Life?
And Even More Importantly Why ?

DM Looking Beyond is a new venture by Dolly Manghat to help individuals, professionals, CxOs, managers and leaders to look beyond their professional assignments and set out on a mission to discover to empower…

Looking Beyond Program Will Help You Carve Your Path To Personal Freedom…

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Planetary Events

Jupiter Retrograde Mar 8th , 2018

Jupiter goes retrograde on 8th Mar 2018. With Jupiter Retrogrades come slowness on decisions related to action plans, new ideas or creative juices. Expansion plans need careful planning during this period and execution once Jupiter goes direct.

Your convictions, confidence and courage need to be controlled now.

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