Understanding Contemporary Astrology

For too long, we have lived predictions & a fated life. We have never used this wonderful applied science to understand ourselves – our energies, strengths, weaknesses & talents. If we can do that – we can definitely build our life of health, wealth & happiness & this is exactly what contemporary astrology helps us with..

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Is Anger A Negative Expression All The Time?

All of us struggle with anger, most have learnt to control it and some even to let it not bother them. These days, it’s commonly regarded as growing up, when we can remain calm in every situation.

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Planetary Events

planetory events-dec

The 7R Principle of This Retrograde & Eclipse Period

The Retrograde period is going to be powerful. There is a reason why all these planets are positioned this way, this time of year.

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Expresses Divine Vision

Which Of Solar Or Lunar Eclipse Is Beneficial For Me?

Best At Doing 2 Things Simultaneously

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