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Vedic Astrology – Are You A Manglik?

A “manglik” or “mars afflicted” individual (according to his natal chart) is often looked down upon (especially when it comes to match making) and traditional pundits and astrologers advice is to perform pujas, holy rituals to overcome it. Although there is logic behind these, scientific understanding of the Mars affliction or Mangal dosha is important.

Dolly Manghat explains various aspects of being Manglik and its effects can be remedied to make you a happy, healthy and wise person.

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Looking Beyond…

How To Secure Relationships In Couples?

Why is it important to build trust based relationship as a couple?

Why couple relationships fail? What are the biggest missing points in couple relationships today? How can we make them stronger and healthier? Dolly Manghat discusses in this video.

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Planetary Events

Lunar and Solar Eclipses

Massive cosmic activity all around in Jul and Aug 2018, we are at centre of 2 solar eclipses, a total lunar eclipse on 27th Jul 2018. Moon is emotions and this eclipse brings us face to face with our emotions.

Are we getting things we feel we are deserving?

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