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Why Is It Important To Map Your Birth Chart?

With a birth chart, you can get to know yourself truly. You can recognize your strengths, weaknesses, potentials, things to improve and develop your attitude.
Once that happens, you can take on and conquer the world, because your attitude is your altitude.
In this video, Dolly Manghat in her own inimitable style explains why it has helped hundreds of her customers happy by understanding their birth charts correctly.

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Looking Beyond…

What Is My Mission In Life?
And Even More Importantly Why ?

Understand that not all dreamers are achievers. But sure, all achievers are dreamers.

Through the latest concept of NEWmerology and Counselling, develop your mission and achieve your goals by understanding your real strengths and potentials.

Each of us is a bundle of emotions, behaviors, and potentialities, all of which we must accept and even love.

Find out for yourself! Discover your path to living a life with freedom.

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Planetary Events

Partial Solar Eclipse of 15th Feb 2018

How did you experience the Lunar Eclipse on 31st Jan (the Supermoon Blue Blood Moon)? It was a glorious celestial event.

The lunar eclipse shakes the interior (the mind) and awakens it to reality and need for transformation in attitude.

The sun governs our exterior. Expect major transformations around you in your world from relationships, health and professional associations. They are all under review. Take careful stock and move ahead. The eclipse shows you the way …

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