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What Happens When Saturn Returns??

Saturn Return sends shivers down people’s spines but it is such a beautiful phenomenon giving us an opportunity to realign – discipline ourselves as we move into the next of life.

Dolly Manghat lucidly explains this phenomenon and demystifies omens and indicators associated with this return.

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Looking Beyond…

Live Your Life, Don’t Just Exist

Far too often we go through motions in our life doing mundane things. Then we complain of non-achievement in money, relationships, career, love and health. The problem is we EXIST, not LIVE.

In this video, Dolly Manghat explains why it is important to LIVE your life to the fullest and how to do it?

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Planetary Events

Mercury Goes Direct On 7th Dec 2018

A very rare phenomenon, Venus goes Direct today and within a few hours Mercury goes Retrograde.

As Mercury goes direct on 7th Dec 2018, third and last time in 2018, it creates a clear path for you (all planets are direct now) to welcome 2019 on a clean slate. The cosmos pushes you to plan freely for the new year. So, get your projects going!

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