Yogas Demystified – What Is Gaja Kesari Yoga?
How To Harness Its Power?

Yogas or Unions of Planets are an important aspect of Vedic Astrology. When certain planets come together in a house or aspect each other, yogas are formed.

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Does The Attitude of Gratitude Attract Abundance?

Being Happy is Gratitude, Ignoring Silly Issues is Gratitude, Finding Happiness in small successes is gratitude. Why don’t we develop this attitude of taking pride in small things and leave the negative aside?

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Planetary Events

Planets Beginning To Moving Direct Now…

Introducing Just A Minute Astrology series. In this series, Dolly Manghat quickly updates, wraps up events coming up or just gone by and nuggets of advice for all to follow. The cosmos is giving us signals, use your free will…

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Zircon-White Zircon – Works Miracles To Alleviate And Heal Pain

Is Jupiter Retrograde In Birthchart Beneficial?

Know Yourself Leo: Master Advocates

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