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Astrology helps us shape our destiny and to become an architect of our own fate. It tells us the story of life‚ death‚ rebirth and karma through the pattern of the stars in the Individuals astrological charts.


Numerology is a science of numbers‚ our key numbers defining our strengths‚ weaknesses, potentials and talents. It can be used as a positive guide for our actions in future.


Palmistry is the oldest art of predicting the past and the future form the lines on our hands. These lines reveal the state of our subconscious mind‚ in turn uncovering our near future.


Counselling helps to overcome our fears and phobias. It helps in liberating us of our limits, perceptions and the delusions from the past. The heart and mind can be developed in giving and receiving love, wisdom and peace, simultaneously managing anger.

Feng Shui

This Chinese art is a method of living in tune with the energies of the universe. It helps creating a positive environment and cleansing the negative energies leading to a harmonious living.

Regression of past life

It′s the Journey through the subconscious into your previous lives to know your karma. A tool to help you rectify any existing error and overcome personal obstacles.

Energized Gems

The therapeutic use of gems is not a new or alternative healing method. The art of healing with stones is thousands of years old,the evidence of healing the disease can be found from the most ancient civilizations. They were considered to have protective and talismanic properties which keep the evil spirits away. This ancient knowledge has been passed down to our day.

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